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Palazzo Uguccioni Florence
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MsnSuites Palazzo Uguccioni - Florence
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Accommodations - Uguccioni apartments Florence

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MsnSuites Palazzo Uguccioni refurbished these magical apartments in the heart of Florence right in Piazza della Signoria 7 just two step away from Uffizi Gallery.

We offer them to all those who wish to experience the city center as an open air museum and who want to be in close contact with art and history .

We have furnished the apartments in order to guarantee at our guest a feeling of "beeing at home away from home".

Our property strictly respects the antique structure of Palazzo Uguccioni, an aristocratic Florentine palace.

We have also furnished these apartments with a personal touch since we consider them " our homes ".

Address: Piazza della Signoria 7 - Florence - Italy

florence apartments
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